I live and work between Geneva and Valais since 2013. Before living in Switzerland, I studied in Argentina at the National University, and I was part of the Center for Artistic Research in Buenos Aires, among many other collaborations . I hold a Masters in Public Spaces from EDHEA, and a Doctorate from ESAAA Annecy. Currently, I am responsible for the Publishing Laboratory at EDHEA and I have been a founding member of the MACACO Press collective based in Geneva since 2015.
My practice is not linear, it appears as a constellation for a contribution towards a broader field of art. As a form of permaculture, I exercise different roles, as an artist, teacher, researcher, editor. Roles that complement each other, which helps me to develop various forms of knowledge in hybrid combinations.

For several years, I have been carrying out projects that confront the paradoxical relations of Western dichotomies such as: nature and culture, myth and history, material and immaterial, fiction and function, text and action, work and leisure. Towards the development of a practice in a dynamic network, I combine interventions in the public space, performance, collage, printed matter, writing and documentation.

This modus operandi counts with the help and complicity of collaborators, to create new forms of registration and co-agency. Participation in research and collective experiences related to the role of education in the distribution of power, to the performances of experimental exchange of goods, to the manipulation of the landscape and to extractivism, to historically migratory traits and drifts. Here are some examples: School of Non-Work, Practicas de Periferia, Filfilfil, MACACO Press, Los Individuos Radio, La Dispersión, AAS (Subtropical Affairs Agency), Organized Artists, Center for Artistic Research and the Micro Society of Artists Project v.

Principal teaching experiences

From 2020 - Responsable Laboratoire micro-edition et reliure, EDHEA, Sierre, Switzerland.
2020 - Workshop tutor Master Symposium, Master in Art in Public Spheres, EDHEA, Sierre, Switzerland.
2020 - Workshop tutor Master Trans, HEAD University of Art and Design, Geneve, Switzerland. 
2019 - Conference. National University La Plata, Argentina.
2019 - Workshop tutor. CIA Centro (Centre for Artistic Research), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018 - Conference. National University La Plata, Argentina.
2018 - Workshop tutor. CIA Centro (Centre for Artistic Research), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2017 - Seminar tutor. Ecole Superier d'Art Annecy Alpes, France.
2017 - Workshop tutor at Master in Art in Public Spheres program ECAV, Fundazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy.
2017-2015 - Regular tutor at Bachelor in Art program, orientation Art-Action, HEAD, Genève, Switzerland.
2016 - Workshop tutor at Malevoz Quartier Culturel, Monthey, Switzerland.
2016 - Lecture-performance at CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
2016 - Workshop tutor at CIA Centro (Centre for Artistic Research), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2015 - Workshop tutor Master Symposium, Master in Art in Public Spheres program, ECAV, Sierre, Switzerland.
2015 - Workshop tutor The Individuals Radio Show, Winter School, ECAV, Sierre, Switzerland.
2012 - Workshop tutor at Museum of Latinoamerican Contemporary Art, La Plata, Argentina.
2012 - Workshop tutor at Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile.

Studies and research

2019 - 2016 - DSRA Doctorat - Unité de Recherche, ESAAA, France.
2015 - 2013 - Master Program MAPS, Arts in Publics Spheres. EDHEA, Sierre, Switzerland.
2013 - Universidade de Verao program. CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
2012 - Independent study program. CIA Centro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2004 - 1998 - Bachelor in Fine Arts. Specialization in printed art. Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.

Scholarships and Grants

2022 - Research Grant Ville de Genève, Switzerland.
2022 - Grant Pro Helvetia - Residency SACATAR, Brasil.
2021 - Research Grant Ville de Genève, Switzerland.
2021 - Grant Culture Canton Genève, Switzerland.
2020 - Grant Pro Helvetia – Coincidencia Program, Switzerland.
2019 - Grant Pro Helvetia – BienalSUR - Coincidencia Program, Switzerland.
2018 - Grant Culture Canton Genève, Switzerland.
2018 - Grant Pro Helvetia – Museo de Arte Latinoamericano. Coincidencia Program, Switzerland.
2016 - Research Grant Fonds Culturel, Switzerland
2016 - Grant Residency. Malevoz Quartier Culturel, Monthey, Switzerland.
2015 - 2013 - Grant "Hans Joerg Wyss", Master Program MAPS, Switzerland.
2014 - Grant Residency. Fundacion Botin, Santander, España.
2014 - Grant Residency. CRAC19, Montbeliard, France.
2013 - Scholarship CAPACETE, Universidade de Verao program, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
2012 - Scholarship Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas, Independent study program, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2011 - Grant Residency. Perspectivas latinoamericanas, Barcelona, España.
2009 - Grant Residency. Fundación Arte Contemporáneo + CCE Montevideo, Uruguay.
2008 - Creation Grant. Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Argentina.
2007 - Grant. Fundación Carolina. Residency at Fundación Llopys, Panamá.
2006 - Scholarship. CCRojas-UBA program, Argentina.


2015 - Prix de l’edition. ECAV MAPS program, Suisse.
2013 - Adquisition prize Igualdad Cultural Visual Arts, Buenos Aires.
2011 - Adquisition prize Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, La Plata.
2008 - Mention National Biennial of Contemporary Art, MAC Bahía Blanca, Argentina.
2004 – Mention of the jury VIII Klemm Foundation Prize, Buenos Aires.
2003 – First prize Provincia de Buenos Aires Young art Biennial.
2001 - First prize Philips Argentine Young Talents, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.
2001 – Third prize Philips Latino America Young Talents, Marta Traba Gallery, San Pablo, Brasil.

Solo exhibitions

2023 - El Dorado - La Ferme de la Chapelle - Genève, Switzerland.
2021 - Escuela de no trabajo - Festival LOOP - Galeria Die Ecke, Barcelona, España.
2018 - Ecole du non travail - Exhibition-performance at Museo de Arte Latinoamericano, Argentina.
2012 – Something is always happening - Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
2012 – Today I´ve made nothing – Galería Foster Catena, Buenos Aires.
2011 - INCIDENTAL – Galería Sicart, Barcelona (Two-person with Paulina Silva Hauyon).
2010 - The Parallel World – Galería Jardín Oculto, Buenos Aires (Two-person with Paulina Silva Hauyon).
2009 - Conversation pieces - FAC Montevideo, Uruguay (Two-person with Paulina Silva Hauyon).
2009 - Black cover version – Galería Die Ecke, Santiago, Chile. (Two-person with Paulina Silva Hauyon).
2008 - Sweet Dreams – Solo proyect: Límite Sud, ArteBA Foundation. Curator: Eva Grinstein.
2007 – This is a ghost – Galería Sicart, Barcelona.
2007 - Wilds – Galería Artexarte, Buenos Aires.
2006 - This is a trap – Galería 713 Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires.
2005 - Familia - Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires. Curadora: Belén Gache.
2004 - ESPECIE - Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, La Plata.
2004 - Evidencia - Boquitas Pintadas, Buenos Aires. Curador: Julio Sánchez.

Group Exhibitions

2023 - Desde donde miras el sol? - Helvetropicos
 - Cur: Adriana Dominguez - CAN, Neuchâtel, Suisse.
2022 - MONDO TRASHO, une collaboration avec Sabrina Fernandez Casas, EEEEH, Nyon, Suisse.
2022 - Les archives des nos Utopies, Manoir de Martigny, Suisse.
2022 - Pétrichor - Une collaboration avec Karim Forlin, Ferme de la chapelle, Geneve, Suisse.
2021 - Punto de Fuga. BIENALSUR - Centro de Arte UNLP, Argentina.
2019 - ECOLE DU NON TRAVAIL. Video-performance. Biennale de Lyon. France.
2019 - Work less to read more. Lecture-performance. Fondation Louis Moret. Martigny, Suisse..
2019 - Effondrements des Alpes. Centre Photographie Geneve, Suiise.
2019 - Practicas de Periferia. Exhibition-performance. Bienal Sur. MAC Guayaquil, Ecuador.
2019 - Practicas de Periferia. Exhibition-performance. Bienal Sur. CHELA Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2019 - Encuentro Arte y Desindustria. Lecture-performance. Lota, Chile.
2018 - Essayer encore, rater encore, rater mieux- Batiment d’Art Contemporain – Geneve, Suisse.
2018 - Essayer encore, rater encore, rater mieux, Centre Culturel Suisse – Paris
2018 - ART WORK(ERS) , Corner College, Zürich, Switzerland. Cur. Federica Martini
2017 - L’alternative. FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims, France. Curateur : Antoine Marchand.
2017 - On n’a pas besoin des artistes, Sin Espacio, Cali, Colombia.
2016 - New Collection, Museé d’Art, Sion, Switzerland.
2016 - Radio Pirate, Los individuos + Laptop Radio, Halte, Geneve, Switzerland.
2016 - Galeria Isla Flotante, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cuartor: Sebastian Vidal Mackinson.
2016 - On n’a pas besoin des artistes, Topic, Geneve, Switzerland.
2015 - Tous Droits Réservés, Tous Torts Inversés, Halles USEGO, Sierre, Switzerland
2015 - Les ruses de l’intelligence. Parc Saint Leger, France. Curator: Catherine Pavlovic.
2015 - New Collection Museo Caraffa, Córdoba, Argentina.
2015 - Art and words. Tecnopolis, Argentina. Curator: Ministery of culture Argentina.
2015 - Los Individuos Situational Radio, Performance, MAXX Gallery Project Space, Sierre, Switzerland
2014 – Wish horizons. MAR Museum of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curator: Rodrigo Alonso.
2014 –Agencia de Asuntos (Sub)Tropicales, Galeria Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile. Curator: Teresa Riccardi.
2014 – Fundación Botin. Santander, España
2014 – Touit va bien, merci! . Galeria ION Zurich. Galería Kasko, Basel. Suisse.
2014 – Triennale d’art contemporain du Valais. Turtman, Suisse. Curator: Heinrich Gartentor.
2014 – Le corps en revolte. Cerbere, France.
2014 – MAXXX Project Space. Sierre, Suisse.
2014 - Agencia de Asuntos (Sub)Tropicales, MAC Salta, Argetina.. Curator: Teresa Riccardi.
2013 - Trois fois rien. Crac19, Montbeliard, France. Curator: Philippe Cyroulnik
2013 - CC de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (ex ESMA). Buenos Aires. Curator: Karina Granieri.
2013 – Open Studio – BSM Art Building. Curator: Florencia Battiti., Buenos Aires.
2013 – Abre Alas. Galeria A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
2012 - Agencia de Asuntos (Sub)Tropicales, EAC Montevideo, Uruguay. Curator: Teresa Riccardi.
2012 – AO: Donaciones en suspenso (Ultimas tendencias II), MAMBA, Buenos Aires.
2012 - Instantánea, MACLA, La Plata.
2012 - Lo que queda del día a día, Galería Sicart, Barcelona.
2012 - Canciones de amor y otras pasiones VOL III, Galería Local, Santiago de Chile.
2011 - Divergencias y convergencias, Museo Prov. de Bellas Artes. Curator: Francisco Lemus. La Plata.
2011 – Superficies de conspiración – Galería Die Ecke, Barcelona.
2010 - Mutaciones, CC de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (ex ESMA). Buenos Aires.
2010 - The Big Group Show - Christoffer Egelund Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2010 – International Call – Galería Luis Adelantado, Valencia.
2010 - 7 visions violentades – Galería Sicart, Barcelona.
2009 - Argentine cream - Malamute-Cadet, Miami. Curator: Francine Birbragher
2009 – No Sleeping Stories – Fondo Nacional de las Artes. Curator: Ana María Battistozzi.
2009 – Premio Fundación Andreani. Museo Emilio Caraffa, Córdoba, Argentina.
2009 - Del yo y los otros – Galeía Sicart, Barcelona.
2008 - The Big Group Show - Christopper Egelund Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 - Interfaces – Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires.
2008 – Wild Museum – CC de España. Curator: Fernando Brizuela.
2008 - Sublime – Emma Thomas Gallery, Sao Paulo.
2008 - Drawing – Galería Sicart, Barcelona.
2007 – CC de España. Curator: Gabriela Fracone. Buenos Aires.
2007 - Todo lo que no es casa es intemperie, Fondo Nacioanl de las Artes, Buenos Aires. Curator: Jimena Ferreiro.
2007 - Transatlántica, Galería Sala d’Estar, Sevilla, España.
2007 - Poison Espirit – Galería Jardín Oculto, Buenos Aires.
2006 - II International Call Galería Casaborne, Antequera, España.
2006 - Sunday – Villa Victoria Ocampo, Mar del Plata.
2006 – Artificial Nature – Casona de los Olivera, Buenos Aires. Curator: Marcelo de la Fuente.
2006/5 – Salón Nacional de Rosario, Museo Castagnino, Argentina.
2005 – National Biennial of Contemporary Art, MAC Bahía Blanca, Argentina.
2005 - Proyecto CUBO de Caja Negra Artes Visuales (Chile), Centro Cultural Ojo del desierto, Calama, Chile.
2005 - Ego trip - Galería Apetitte, Buenos Aires.
2004 - OSDE Foundation Art Prize; Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires.
2004 – Open Studio 2004, Palacio Barolo, Buenos Aires. Curator: Ana María Battistozzi.
2004 - Proyecto CUBO de Caja Negra Artes Visuales (Chile), Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires.
2003 - Hogar en rosa – C. C. Universitario, Facultad de Psicología-UBA. Curadora: Fabiana Barreda.
2003 - Uno se escribe en plural – Galería APECH, Santiago de Chile.
2003 - Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
2003 - Centro Cultural Islas Malvinas, La Plata.
2003 - Palacio Campodónico, La Plata.
2003 - Galería Belleza y Felicidad, Buenos Aires.
2001 - Proyecto Exploratorio, C. C. Islas Malvinas, La Plata. Curadoras: Florencia Suárez Guerrini y Berenice Gustavino.
2001 – Ligth alteration - Ojo al País, Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires. Curators: Luis Felipe Noé, Alejandro Puente y Guillermo Withelow.
2001 - Club Privilege, La Plata.
2000 - Centro Cultural Nocturno “La Beat Biyu”, La Plata.
2000 - I Biennial of Young Art, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires.
2000 – 3th Month of Latinoamerican Photography, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.

Exhibitions with MACACO Press

2020- Todes Macaques, Espace Mât, Bienne

2020- Todes Macaques, Lokal-int, Bienne. Cur. Nicolas Raufaste, Chri Frautschi

2018- Complete Love, Espace Saint Valentin, Lausanne.Cur. Christina Jonsson

2017- Selfie: Contigent Movements, Live in Your Head, Geneva. Cur. Yann Chateigné, Charlotte Laubard

2016- Foutraque, Standard Deluxe, Lausanne. Cur. Federica Martini

2016- Arguments*, TOPIC, Geneva. Cur. Camille Kaiser and Camilla Paolino


2021-  Indice Ultraviolet II, CAN, Neuchâtel Cur. Martin Jakob, Nicolas Raufaste et équipe curatoriale.

2020- These are our twisted words, La capsula, Zurich

2020- Sans chemise sans pantalon, Sculpture Garden, Parc La Grange, Geneva

2020- filfilfil, programme hors-mur, Villa Bernasconi, Geneva 

2019- Indice Ultraviolet, CAN, Neuchâtel Cur. Martin Jakob, Nicolas Raufaste et équipe curatoriale

2018- Eriazo, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel

2018- Black Pages, Kabinett des Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, Austria

2018- à table, Ge-grave, Ressources Urbaines, Geneva

2018- artGenève, stand HIT, Geneva. Cur. Anne Minazio

2018- Blackout, Corner College, Zürich. Cur. Federica Martini

2017- My vegetable love should grow/vaster than empires and more slow, One gee in Fog, Geneva

2017- Print Program #4, La Fonderie Galerie, Carouge

2017- Artist’s books for everything, Weserburg|Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen

2017- Histoire des Polices, HIT, Geneva. Cur. Anne Minazio

2017- SMALL, Espace Labo, Geneva. Cur. Sebastien Leseigneur and Karen Alonso

2017- BIG-Biennale des espaces d’art indépendants, Labo, Geneva. Cur. Sebastien Leseigneur, Karen Alonso

2017- Infinite Lawns with Camille Dumond and Tools for Action, HIT, Geneva. Cur. Anne Minazio

2016- Sandwich Generation, Capacete, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. An invitation by Tali Serruya

2016- Edicule Art’Lib, Geneva

2015- Aucun Fantasme, Tali Serruya, Hangar 9, Geneva. Cur. Julie Marmet and Matheline Marmy

2015- Work less to read more, Velodrome, Geneva. An Invitation by Camille Dumond and Alexandra Roger


2020- BIG–Biennale des espaces d’art indépendants, Geneva

2020- EnCorpsEnSemble, I Festival des arts du corps performatif, Jardin Botanique Alpin de Meyrin

2019- Pages, HEAD-Haute école d’art et de design, Geneva

2019- Volumes, Kunsthalle, Zurich

2019- Paraguay, Museo de Artes Plasticas Eduardo Sivori, Buenos Aires

2019- Centro experimental Vigo, La Plata, Argentina

2019- CIA Centro (Centre for Artistic Research), Buenos Aires2019- Nave, Santiago, Chile

2019- Impresionante, Museum of Contmeporary Art, Santiago, Chile

2019- Festival Corpo a Terra, Ourense, Spain

2019- BIG–Biennale des espaces d’art indépendants, Geneva

2019- Libros Mutantes, Casa Encendida, Madrid2018- Volumes, Kunsthalle, Zurich

2017- Offprint, Beaux-Arts, Paris

2016- I Never Read, Kaserne, Basel

2016- On-Print, La Nuit des Images, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne

2016- Anarchy book fair, Bern

2016- Libros Mutantes, Casa Encendida, Madrid

2015- Offprint, Tate Modern, London



2018-2017- GeGrave, Ateliers Genevois de Gravure, Geneva